Corporate Responsibility

Hixson Metal Finishing ("HMF") is proud to provide top quality processing services to the aerospace and defense industry in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. We strive to be the best supplier in the industry and have worked tirelessly to maintain and expand our corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have done so by enhancing the following:

- Improved Chrome VI capturing technology.
- Switched to alternative low or zero VOC containing products.
- Modernized waste treatment facility.
- Reduced chemical inventory.
- Updated our fleet to cleaner burning, fuel-efficient vehicles.

In addition, we have introduced many environmental processes and procedures into our day-to-day operations that are not currently mandated by rules or regulations.

We have made every effort to build solid relationships with all environmental and regulatory agencies that oversee our processes and operations. We will continue this focus with all of our stakeholders to routinely improve our processes in order to proactively reduce any environmental impacts our business activities could have on our employees, neighbors and customers.