Hixson Metal Finishing ("HMF") was founded in 1958 in Newport Beach, California. The company started as a niche commercial metal finishing processor catering to the local boating community for decorative chrome plating. HMF rapidly gained a reputation for providing the highest quality plating capable of withstanding the tough and rigorous ocean environments.

As the aerospace industry began to take off in Southern California in the 1960s, HMF shifted its focus to this growing market opportunity. Over time, we extended our service offerings and began providing the same quality and long-lasting commitment to the more stringent and exacting requirements of the commercial aircraft industry.

HMF is now a leading processor of metal components for the Aerospace and Defense ("A&D") industry. With over 80 processes performed in-house, we have become a single-source, end-to-end service provider committed to excellence and craftsmanship. Our reputation is built on a partnering philosophy with our 3,000 plus customers worldwide, both large and small.