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Hixson Metal Finishing (“HMF”) is a premier metal finishing company with a vision rooted in excellence, integrity, and accountability. Since the early 1960s, we have been working diligently to provide a broad range of services to the military, aerospace, and commercial aircraft communities with competitive prices, timely delivery, and outstanding quality.

HMF is a full-service provider offering more than 80 metal finishing, testing, and inspection processes. We place a significant emphasis on two things: producing high-quality results and fostering strong relationships with our customers. To facilitate open and effective communication, we have an online system that allows customers to check the real-time status of their jobs. We are also committed to continuously improving our processes and creating innovative approaches to exceed our customer’s expectations.

With hundreds of years of collective metal finishing experience our leadership team and employees are among the most qualified and committed in the industry. As a dynamic enterprise with a top-tier quality system, we have earned approvals and are in compliance with the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap), AS9100, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). We provide best-in-class service to both small shops and industry leading companies, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Parker Hannifin. Our attention to detail assures that the Hixson team will work diligently to make our customer’s experience with us rewarding.

Our History

Hixson Metal Finishing (“HMF”) was founded in 1958 in Newport Beach, California. The company started as a niche commercial metal finishing processor catering to the local boating community for decorative chrome plating. HMF rapidly gained a reputation for providing the highest quality plating capable of withstanding the tough and rigorous ocean environments.

As the aerospace industry began to take off in Southern California in the 1960s, HMF shifted its focus to this growing market opportunity. Over time, we extended our service offerings and began providing the same quality and long-lasting commitment to the more stringent and exacting requirements of the commercial aircraft industry.

HMF is now a leading industries of metal components for the commercial, Aerospace and Defense (“A&D”) industry. With over 80 processes performed in-house, we have become a single-source, end-to-end service provider committed to excellence and craftsmanship. Our reputation is built on a partnering philosophy with our 3,000 plus customers worldwide, both large and small.

Core Values

Our values define who we are. By committing to our values, we are investing in the long-term future of our organization. Expressing and being the embodiment of these values allows us to achieve new heights in the service that we provide our customers and the quality of our workplace.


Continuous Improvement

This is our way of life. We are invested in the continual pursuit of improvement and change that benefits our customers, suppliers and employees. We focus on finding solutions and delivering results. We build durability in our future by acting with speed and flexibility to anticipate obstacles and create new and innovative opportunities.



We hire the best people and employ effective methodologies to ensure exceptional results. Our core focus is to deliver premier service to our customers ensuring that their requirements are met and expectations exceeded.



We hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest standards of service, punctual delivery, reliability and open communication. Paramount to our customer experience is being responsible for what we promise and aligning our actions to our words.



We value the diversity and unique contributions of our employees. Our daily mission is to promote an atmosphere that is supportive and values an individual’s experience, style and approach.



We are guided by the highest standards of ethical business conduct by one simple principle: Do the right thing. Our culture inspires people to go the extra mile and to make good decisions even when nobody is looking. We are ethically unyielding and straightforward in all of our interactions.



We are committed to fostering an environment of growth and enrichment for our employees. By providing our employees with the necessary resources and encouragement, we maximize their contributions to our customers, our industry, and our company.



Our employees are proud and confident to be key players on a winning team that shares a common mission, vision, and set of values. Our goal is to ensure all employees feel valued and appreciated.



We promote a positive, energizing and enjoyable environment that focuses on building a sense of community.

Corporate Responsibility

Hixson Metal Finishing (“HMF”) is proud to provide top quality processing services to the commercial, aerospace and defense industry in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. We strive to be the best supplier in the industry and have worked tirelessly to maintain and expand our corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have done so by enhancing the following:


Improved Chrome VI capturing technology


Switched to alternative low or zero VOC containing products


Modernized waste treatment facility


Reduced chemical inventory


Updated our fleet to cleaner burning, fuel-efficient vehicles


We have introduced many environmental processes and procedures

Hixson Team

Our attention to detail assures that the Hixson team will work diligently to make our customer’s experience with us rewarding.

Douglas Greene

Douglas Greene


General Manager – Kara Bjorkman

Quality – Herbert Aleman

Business Development and Sales – Eric Wells

HR – Carley Basteri

Accounting – Euphrasia Serron

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With hundreds of years of collective metal finishing experience our leadership team and employees are among the most qualified and committed in the industry.

829 Production Place
Newport Beach, CA 92663

(800) 900-9798


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